What is Enblaze?

Enblaze is a digital phenomenon.

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What is Enblaze?

Enblaze is a creative marriage, a digital phenomenon. Beautiful design and new media technology bounded together to fire up a flare in the realm of innovation.

We are Enblaze, a small design and development collective based in the UK. We aspire to innovate in all-things-digital. We prepare brands for the modern world with our multidisciplinary skills. If you are forward thinking visionaries not afraid of walking a new path, we can be your best friend.

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Why Enblaze?

Through innovation, technical development and hard work with our clients we believe we can establish a new phenomenon in the digital world.

A phenomenon we call Enblaze. Our symbol represents the alchemical sign of fire and it's colour combined with the curved forms of a rain droplet. And our ambitions stand behind the projects which it marks.

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What we are good at?

  • Digital Marketing

  • Development

  • User Interface

  • Brand Identity

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The team

  • Kalo Yankulov

    Designer and project manager, Kalo takes care of your projects and makes them look good. Before Enblaze he had few years of experience working for major advertising and software companies with clients like Microsoft, UK Gov, Sky, Virgin.

  • Zdravko Evstatiev

    As a developer Zdravko takes care of the functionality of your websites and makes them work smooth. Z is an expert in semantic and clean HTML5, CSS3 and develops cutting edge digital projects with Ruby on Rails.

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Our manifesto

  • 1

    Think now design later.

    Don't rush your success. No one has changed the world in one day. First we research, brainstorm, prototype, refine, and then we change the world.

  • 2

    Don't laugh at ridiculous ideas.

    Sometimes the most innovative concepts are lying on the risky edge of the weirdest ideas. Don't laugh at them, ignore them or be afraid to embrace them.

  • 3

    Acknowledge larger perspective.

    We turn to the roots of the earlier visual cultures before we put our work into the digital space. As Mark Meadows says "Hybridization is fundamental trend of technological advancement".

  • 4

    Ideas and executed ideas
    are different.

    Make great concepts happen, don't just leave it on a paper. We strive to innovate but know exactly how to do it via small concrete steps.

  • 5

    Work with people in mind.

    As much as we are technology driven, our design and development is customer-centered, our products easy to use and fun to play with. We create with people in mind.