BBC Archive

Project screenshots

The Challenge

Design a platform for the BBC Archive that brings to life its cultural riches for audiences to enjoy now and in the future.

Our Approach

After researching the audience we created an award winning concept for the redesign of the BBC Archive and the creation of a digital media platform called “BBC Capsule”. Our entry was featured with an “In Book” D&AD award.

New BBC Archive

1. Sort content by years, A-Z or collections Now users can sort the vast BBC archive by years, A-Z, by collection, subject. people or programmes.

2. Navigational slider The new navigation of the archive is brought to life with an intuitive slider. By simply draging the slider users can dive in diffirent cultural periods of the Archive.

BBC Capsule

The BBC Capsule is self-sustainable user-centered digital platform that involves all past and present BBC Broadcasts. The fundamental gear that operates this ecosystem is a web based application.

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