Guild Scrolls

Project screenshots

The Challenge

Preston Guild is a historic celebration dating back to 1179 and held every 20 years. It has played a vital role in the development of Preston as a thriving and important city in England. Preston City Council asked Web Labs development team, with whom we worked, to propose an interactive idea for the first Virtual Guild Scrolls.

Our Approach

We were commissioned to come up with the concept and design the visual prototype of the Scrolls. We created an optimistic and fun brand identity supported with an interactive map experience where users can publish Good Will Messages.

Scroll's Map

The Tours

Users can easily follow the first virtual Scrolls and note their current location on the world map with a simple Scroll Tours section on the page. All three scroll tours are indicated and users can subsrcibe to follow them.

MSGs, Pics & Sounds

Visitors can filter the different types of good will messages: text message, picture/video or sounds. They can also follow a live feed with all recent updates.

Preston Sounds Preston Sounds Preston Sounds